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Going to Caravan Palace in April!

My first attempt at tattooing something actually decent. Unfortunately it looks like I cant touch it up at all (I tattooed it last night) because the melon shrunk and is just no longer a good clean surface. Anyway whatcha think? Tattoo of an owl on a melon. And yes, I plan to eat the melon.

so cool Jendy!
Instax 21 Wide Angle FUJIFILM! BOY this would be a wonderful holiday present! Thanks Photojojo!

Hoping some of these names show up Sasquatch this year. List TBC

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If you want to hear something different but I dig it

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Made this for my buddy’s band, Lost Tribe! Go give them a listen on Soundcloud/YouTube/Spotify #udub #206 #losttribe
Headed inside for the winter  (at Barton Nature Area/ Bridge)

Fisheyes of Friends

FIDLAR covering Elliot Smith in honor of his 10th anniversary death date

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